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A Missional Congregation of Life Fellowship Foursquare Church

LIFE has come to MAIN STREET!

Join us every Sunday morning at 11:00 AM

for a Spirit-filled worship celebration

featuring time-honored hymns and solid Biblical teaching.

We meet at St. Luke's Episcopal Church

176-188 Main Street, Charlestown, NH 03603

            AUTUMN MESSAGE SERIES!         

Take a trip with us this Fall as we head down the path of exploring the role holiness plays in a person's life.

What is it?  Is it really necessary? Is it even possible?

Get answers to these questions and many more.

You will be encouraged, strengthened and challenged...

all at the same time!


            Every Sunday Morning @ 11:00 am             


We are resolved to help people encounter God
and equip them for ministry in order to engage
the community, both locally and globally.
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Life On Main 
a missional congregation




188 Main Street, PO Box 222

Charlestown, NH 03603

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