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Church Library Now Open!

At the church, we now have the humble beginnings of a church library! Books are arranged by topic. Books may be signed out for two weeks, and videos may be signed out for a week at a time. This service is available to all who attend Life On Main.

We are currently looking for Christian book/video donations. If you have some material hanging around that is in good condition that you would like to get rid of, they may be brought to the church on Sunday mornings at service time or delivered to the pastors' home at 276 Main Street in Charlestown.


Grow your faith through messages that will encourage, challenge and inspire you. You can now tune in live or watch later on Facebook. Perfect for when  ...

  • You live too far away to physically attend service.

  • You feel under the weather and cannot get out.

  • You attend another church and are looking for additional ways to grow your faith.

  • You are searching for a church to attend, but are uneasy about entering a new church "cold turkey".

Sermons generally begin airing between 11:30-11:40am every Sunday. Just tune in through our Life On Main Facebook Page.



Here at LIFE ON MAIN, we desire to see everyone grow in their knowledge and love for God as they navigate this thing called life. We seek to equip believers to become firmly rooted in the faith so they in turn can disciple others to pursue all God desires for them. All the resources listed here are free of charge.  

"Freely you have received. Freely give."  -Matthew 10:8b

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